Release Date for Christmas books

Nov 30th is the day for the launch of Blue Christmas and In The Bleak Midwinter. Right now I am galley editing both books, making sure there are no stray typos, full stops or formatting errors. But I can almost guarantee there will be at least one, because there always are. Blue Christmas In the … Continue reading Release Date for Christmas books

Cover Reveals for Christmas books.

It looks as if In The Bleak Midwinter will be joined by Blue Christmas this December. Here are the covers and extracts of both books. Oh and something really weird. For my story board for In The Bleak Midwinter, I had a photo of the Old Vic in London which I took from the net. … Continue reading Cover Reveals for Christmas books.

New Book Contract

I had a nice email last night - a contract for Blue Christmas. This one is set in Cornwall and entirely my editors fault. She sent me a photo and the phrase Blue Christmas as inspiration... and this book is the result. Here's the cast photo. And the working blurb. This may well change slightly … Continue reading New Book Contract

Long time no post

I do apologise. I had no idea it had been half a year since my last post on here. In a way, nothing has happened, but then again it has. So book news. I have signed contracts for two new books. One will be out this Christmas as part of the extravaganza, probably in December. … Continue reading Long time no post

Flash fiction February

This is something new i discovered on the Writer’s Digest site. I did the NOVPAD challenge back in November and enjoyed it. So figured I’d try this one now. Each day in Feb they put a prompt up and the challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction using that prompt. I’m not promising … Continue reading Flash fiction February

New crochet project

Temperature Snake. It's the time of year where most people's minds turn to what they'll do in the following year. Sometimes us crocheters attempt a temperature blanket. One row in a colour dependant on how hot or cold it is. Tried that. Failed. By June it was massive! Cos let's face it, thats a 365 … Continue reading New crochet project

Release Day – Christmastime in London Town

cast list And before anyone says anything about posting pics of cute kids... they be my kids and said kids will prob kill me now as they are 26 and 25.... Anyway, a little background for you. If you've read my previous series, Signal Me, Staci will need no introduction. She's now grown up, with … Continue reading Release Day – Christmastime in London Town

Release Day – Virtually Yours at Christmas

cast list. Well this one wasn't meant to happen at all lol. I'd subbed Dark Streets, then lockdown 1 happened. I was standing in a supermarket queue, the sixth one of the day, just trying to get the basics. And my muse wanted to know what a lockdown Christmas would look like. So I wrote … Continue reading Release Day – Virtually Yours at Christmas

It’s release day! Dark Streets Shineth.

Today sees the launch of the Pelican Book Group Christmas Extravaganza. And the release of my three offerings. As I promised here's a look at each book, with a sneak preview and a cast pic for good measure. OK, having just fought this page for half an hour, trying to get all the photos in … Continue reading It’s release day! Dark Streets Shineth.

Christmas Extravaganza of Books

Each year my publisher PELICAN BOOK GROUP publishes a whole host of Christmas romances. This year I have three. It wasn't intended to be like that. Christmastime in London Town was aimed for last year, but we didn't finish the edits in time, so that's been on hold for about 15 months now. My original … Continue reading Christmas Extravaganza of Books