Release Date for Christmas books and Billie helps Children in Need

Nov 30th is the day for the launch of Blue Christmas and In The Bleak Midwinter. Right now I am galley editing both books, making sure there are no stray typos, full stops or formatting errors. But I can almost guarantee there will be at least one, because there always are. Blue Christmas In the … Continue reading Release Date for Christmas books and Billie helps Children in Need

Cover Reveals for Christmas books.

It looks as if In The Bleak Midwinter will be joined by Blue Christmas this December. Here are the covers and extracts of both books. Oh and something really weird. For my story board for In The Bleak Midwinter, I had a photo of the Old Vic in London which I took from the net. … Continue reading Cover Reveals for Christmas books.

Christmas Extravaganza of Books

Each year my publisher PELICAN BOOK GROUP publishes a whole host of Christmas romances. This year I have three. It wasn't intended to be like that. Christmastime in London Town was aimed for last year, but we didn't finish the edits in time, so that's been on hold for about 15 months now. My original … Continue reading Christmas Extravaganza of Books

Book trailers for Christmas 2020

Not long now until these three books release. All are slated for a Dec 1 date. They are all up for preorder now. The links go to Amazon UK. I have made a book trailer for each one, with the music commissioned and written for them. dark streets -- london town … Continue reading Book trailers for Christmas 2020

Lockdown2, Nanowrimo, and a poem

Cast for new book So here we stand on the verge of another lockdown, and depending which cabinet minister you believe it's a month or until next year! But it's also November and thus nanowrimo time. This year I'm being ridiculous and doing three things at once. Maybe four. So I have a main doc … Continue reading Lockdown2, Nanowrimo, and a poem

Long time no blog.

Well, it's all changed here since I last posted. And I know July was a little while ago, but seriously, nothing is in the same place. I really don't know why sites have to mess with formatting when everything works pretty well in the first instance. Anyway, the reason for the long absence is writing... … Continue reading Long time no blog.