Welcome to the new website. This is the home page. On it you’ll find snippets of news and short updates. Long updates will be on the blog.


NEWS – May 21 2020

Before I wake is now out there. Links and so on are on the blog. Still writing the C/K story, but on the last chapter. The book now has 20 titles, ranging from sensible to downright silly.

May 15 2020

Book 2 of the Say a Prayer series is now out there ready to be downloaded and read. I’ve shelved the sci-fi temporarily, as Cade the muse struck rather suddenly last weekend. I’m now 4 chapters into a new Christmas story called C/K. Not very exciting, but the title is usually the last thing to be written. To start with stories go by the characters names.

May 7 2020

The Say a Prayer series launches today. In ebook form now, with paperback and audio to follow at some point. Tune Litter – a short children’s book is also available on Amazon.

I’ve recently finished a Christmas book which I’ve submitted to Pelican Book Group called Dark Streets Shineth.

Right now I’m working on a really old sci-fi series I started in 2003 and haven’t really looked at since. It’s a mess. But it might see the light of day at some point. Book 1 is “finished” and I use that term loosely. Book 2 part done and book 3 in note form somewhere.