Headley Cross


Most of my books are based in a fictional town called Headley Cross, Berkshire. This is in fact based on a very real town in Berkshire, I simply renamed all the parks and so on. Here’s a list of the fictional business I’ve used so far–only two of which are based on real places.

Places will be added as time goes on and more characters demand their stories be told.

Some also make recurring appearances in each book. A little like some of the characters pop in and out. (And for some reason, it’s The High Street. Not High Street. So, not a typo in any book that phrase may appear in.)

Foxleigh Stables
Stitch In Time
Ahead of Hair
Headley Cross Autos
Maranatha Farm
The Priory (Vets)
Three-Sixteen cafe
Hollies Christmas Emporium
Manor Road Police Station
Cedarwood Fire Station
Headley General
Headley Baptist
Crown Court
Fleet Street Police Station
Carnation Street Florist
Wiltshire Nursery Training College
Forestway Doctors
Chloe’s Ballet School
Jacobs and Co Solicitors
Wyatt Finance Incorporated
Wallac Builders
Henderson and Sons Accountants
Kristen’s Kandles
Newgate Primary School
Headley Cross Secondary School
Lao Órga