The House That Jack Built

How can it be the middle of February all ready? Anyway, The House That Jack Built has a cover, a release date and I have a galley copy sitting on the iPad half read.

Shiny cover made by Nicola Martinez

Receptionist Kate Dahlbeck accepts the final slot on reality TV show “Jack’s House”, and takes a leave of absence from her job to live in front of cameras, wired up to a microphone twenty-four hours a day. Despite the silly activities forced on the contestants, it’s all fun and games…that is until one of them dies.

Tired of desk duty while he recovers from injuries sustained in the line of duty, DS Zander Ellery is champing at the bit to investigate the suspicious death—from the inside. His partner DC Isabel York agrees to watch his back from the safety of the director’s gallery in the studio. Zander packs the one bag he’s allowed, and enters the house undercover. It doesn’t take him long to work out the sinister link between housemates, but proving which one is a killer isn’t easy. They’re all hiding something, including Kate.

Time is short. Can Zander catch the culprit before he—or she—strikes again? And will his growing attraction for the seemingly innocent Kate cloud his judgement or will he be carrying her off to the nick before the show’s final wrap?

The book releases in e-format on April 29th. Once it’s up for preorder on Amazon I’ll share the link. Right now you can find it here on the publishers website.

In other writing news, I have a Christmas book ready to send to the publisher, and one that decided to start writing itself over the weekend. Never mind the book I started a couple of weeks back set in Scotland. Rhett and Ivy are too darn impulsive and won’t shut up until I finish their story. then perhaps I can return to Scotland where Shona and Dougal are waiting patiently for me to get them out of the mess they are in.

But first, dinner needs cooking, the dog has finally fallen asleep, and the tumble drier has finished with the towels. Oh, an author’s life is so fun sometimes….

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