New computer

I have a shiny new computer. For some reason I had to give it a name. Never had to do that before…well I did with the windows ME many many years ago, which was called hands off it’s mine… So I made the mistake of asking in the family chat what to call it. There were several silly suggestions… surprising ironman didn’t crop up as Thor did. But i went with the first one in the end. It has a wireless keyboard and mouse, a pop up camera for face recognition, and a really limited selection of desktop backgrounds.

The laptop – a mac – has a lovely one that changes depending on the time of day.

The 11yr old PC has a lovely selection of over 50 that change however often i wanted them to.

This has 4. Yup. 4. So I may just have to find a really nice Christmas one and use that instead…

Anyway, the default browser is edge, but i’ve also downloaded chrome as that has all my bookmarks etc on it and I can’t remember them all. So now i have both. Email has been a pain to log in to. Not sure it’s done right now, but all my files are on the hard drive now and they work.

Only thing i don’t like is windows 10 insists on opening pdf files as an internet window. Don’t like that. Not sure how to fix it.

So, all I need to do is close down the old one. Remove it and all the junk on the desk. Take new comp over to desk (once it’s been dusted). Install new modem. Decide which of the 8 plug spaces on the extention lead to plug my one lead into. And off we go.

Oh and make pancakes…cos I didn’t yesterday. And before anyone says i’m a bad mother cos i forgot, i didn’t forget. i was busy round the parentals moving stuff for them.

and yes the lack of capitals in this post is deliberate. 🙂

One thought on “New computer

  1. Download Adobe acrobat Reader or I can give you it on my flash drive. Windows 10 uses Microsoft edge to open pdfs but they open as an internet window so you need to install AAR hen set that as the default programme for opening pdfs

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