Christmas in October.

Well, kind of lol. Pelican Book Group are releasing all their Christmas books on October 14th, including my three offerings.

When district nurse Octavia Berry arrives to start her new job on a remote Scottish island, the last person she expects to see is her estranged husband. With a population of seventy-two and at the mercy of the elements, the island offers the peace and fresh start she longs for— but considerably more complications than she anticipated.

Pastor Ulysses Pine finds the island the perfect spot to assuage the sins of his youth. He spends his days tending many of the island sheep, as well as pastoring his human flock. The arrival of Octavia, the woman he abandoned on their wedding day, turns his ordered life upside down.

As Christmas approaches, Octavia and Ulysses face a collision course with the past, whilst they try to navigate through the present.

It’ s Christmas and DS Zander Ellery is buried in work. He’ s tried hard to put the events of Jack’ s House, an undercover operation, behind him, yet his thoughts keep returning to Kate. She promised to keep in touch, and she hasn’ t.

Kate Dahlbeck left town after the events of Jack’ s House. With her past exposed, no home and no job, she fled to her brother to work for him. Now she’ s up to her neck in trouble, on the run and can only think of one person to help. Zander with a zed.

Zander and his partner, DC Isabel York, agree to help. It doesn’ t take much investigating before Zander understands that Kate’ s situation is far worse, far messier, and far more dangerous than he first realized.

Ivy Eston is dreading Christmas. The eldest of six, she’ s the only one of her siblings not married with children. She’ s also tired of being asked if she has a boyfriend. She’ s tempted to run away and spend Christmas abroad, but her grandmother’ s ill health, and current travel restrictions, means Ivy’ s staying home instead.

Firefighter Rhett Butler is perfectly content saving lives all day long and coming home to his cat who never needs more than he’ s prepared to give. After all, if God wanted him married, He’ d throw the right woman at him. However, Rhett isn’ t sure he can face another round of Christmas parties alone, and he can’ t exactly take the cat.

A chance encounter with Ivy offers a solution to both their dilemmas, especially if they can keep things strictly business. But things are never that straightforward when Christmas comes to town.

The full list of Extravaganza books are

“Light a Christmas Candle” Regina Andrews

“A Husband for Christmas” Susan M. Baganz

“Christmas at Whispering Creek” Barbara M. Britton

“Royalty at the Ranch” Tanya Hanson

“Choosing Christmas” Carol James

“The Woodcarver’s Snow-kissed Christmas” Izzy James

“The Christmas Mission” Karen Malley

“Christmas House” LoRee Peery

“Amid the Cold of Winter: An Ellery & York Christmas Novella” Clare Revell

“Pinecones and Hollyberries” Clare Revell

“When Christmas Comes to Town” Clare Revell

“A Dream of Christmas” Erin Stevenson

They can all be found on Amazon, Pelican Book Group and other online retailers.

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