The Box

So I recently submitted three books to Pelican Book Group. One of them I received a contract for, then first and second edits in the same week and now it’s gone to be gallied. No, it’s not normally like this. Well Christmas ones sometimes. But this was an Easter book, submitted in December and should be out this Easter. Once I have a release date, and a cover, I will be back with another post.

The Box is part of a potential series I have in my head, notebook and a word doc. This is book one. Two, three and four are part written (best not to ask). Five, six, seven and eight are just blurbs and titles.

The Box.

Dora Ogden’s life has been perfectly normal. Two parents. Four brothers. A full-time job in her father’s café. Until three days before Easter she finds a box which changes everything. With the very foundations ripped from under her feet, Dora heads south, leaving everything behind.

Avon Xenon loves his job in a care home. Of the sixty residents his favourite is Betsy. She often repeats the same story about her kidnapped baby and missing necklace. But as she also has a weekly chat with Queen Victoria, Avon is never sure how much of her story is real.

Arriving in Headley Cross in search of the truth, Dora is drifting and unsure where to begin looking for the truth. Will a chance encounter with Avon help ground her once again? Is there even hope left in the bottom of the box?

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