Long time no post

I do apologise. I had no idea it had been half a year since my last post on here. In a way, nothing has happened, but then again it has.

So book news. I have signed contracts for two new books. One will be out this Christmas as part of the extravaganza, probably in December. I don’t have a date for the other one, but I’m hoping it’ll be this year. I’ve also finished another (Blue Christmas) and submitted that one. And have one half written (Pinecones and Hollyberries).

The Christmas book is called In The Bleak Midwinter. This one has been in draft form for around 10 years. I finally got around to finishing it. And as always people changed their names several times. Here’s the blurb.

The Adelphi Theatre has been the centre of drama in Headley Cross for one hundred years. Interim manager, Flick Anderson, does her best to juggle running the theatre and directing her first play, Home Is Where The Heart Is. Flick is overjoyed when her best friend and ex-boyfriend, Will Reid, takes on the main male lead—especially as she wrote the role for him. 

BAFTA winning actor Will Reid prefers stage work to anything else. When the job he should have been doing over Christmas is unexpectedly cancelled, he leaps at the chance of working with Flick. Could this be a new beginning for the two of them?

But life is never that simple. Just as Flick begins to thaw, a spanner is thrown into the works that could wreck things forever. 

The other one is called The House That Jack Built. It’s a Zander story. (It was actually written and sent in before Isabel’s Dark Streets Shineth. Zander isn’t happy that it’s still in edits, but he’s learning to be patient.)

The blurb for that one is:

Receptionist Kate Dahlbeck accepts the final slot on reality TV show Jack’s House, and takes a leave of absence from her job, to live in front of cameras, wired up to a microphone twenty-four hours a day. Despite the silly activities they have to do, it’s all fun and games…that is until a contestant dies.

Tired of desk duty while he recovers from injuries sustained in the line of duty, DS Zander Ellery is chomping at the bit to investigate the suspicious death—from the inside. His partner DC Isabel York agrees to watch his back…from the safety of the director’s gallery in the studio. Zander packs the one bag he’s allowed, and enters the house. It doesn’t take him long to work out the sinister link between housemates.

Time is short. Can Zander catch the killer before they strike again? 

I will endeavour to update before Christmas. There will be sneak peeks of both books along with character bits.

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