Flash fiction February

This is something new i discovered on the Writer’s Digest site. I did the NOVPAD challenge back in November and enjoyed it. So figured I’d try this one now.

Each day in Feb they put a prompt up and the challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction using that prompt. I’m not promising I’ll manage all of them… esp as i don’t write on a Sunday. But we’ll give it a go.

Today’s prompt is no dialogue. And it was really hard at the end of the piece for her not to use one word lol.

Here’s my attempt.


The car accelerated fast, leaving rubber tyre marks burnt into the tarmac outside the house. She didn’t care. She just needed to get away and fast. A quick glance in the mirror showed he wasn’t following. Yet. Yet being the operative word. Because he would. He always did. He’d promised til death us do part and what she hadn’t realised at the time was he meant it. He was always there, following her, stalking her. It had been cute at first, but long ago the cute had turned to creepy.

This wasn’t her first escape attempt. She’d tried before, but he always found her. Brought her back and apologised for his actions. And like a fool, she’d believed him. Every. Single. Time. Until now. Now there wasn’t a well-intentioned sorry in the world that could attain for his transgression. If she’d been made of sterner stuff, he’d be lying dead on the floor, next to Stanley, but she wasn’t.

She’d forgiven him. Again. Because that’s the kind of person she was, but she would no longer live with him.

She checked the mirror again. Still clear. Hitting the hands free setting on her phone, she rang the airport. Perhaps there’d be a flight. Didn’t matter where to. Anywhere would do. Then as the call connected, she hung up. He’d suspect that. She’d run there the last time and he’d found her. She had to go somewhere safe, somewhere he wouldn’t think to look. But there was nowhere.

Yes, there was one place. Somewhere he’d never look. She drove fast, taking the left hand turn at the junction. Then along the back streets. A red car appeared in her mirror. Her breath hiked. His car was red. It grew closer, but the number plate was different. Letting out a sigh, she turned right onto the narrow lane. This was a risk, but perhaps one worth taking. 

Her phone rang. She ignored it. It was him. Panic skewered her for a moment. Had she turned off the tracker? She didn’t know. If not, then he’d find her and kill her like he promised. He’d said first Stanley and then her. She didn’t want to die, that’s why she’d run.

The building grew in the distance. Beyond it, the cliffs and wild ocean. It was perhaps another twenty minutes to get there.

She was almost there when a red car appeared in the mirror. Lights flashing, horn blaring. It was him.

She slammed her foot onto the accelerator. She only needed a few more moments, then she’d be safe. The tall iron gates of the building came into view. They were closed. She sounded the horn, but no one came.

His car slammed into hers. The impact jolted her forwards, painfully hitting the steering wheel, seatbelt tightening across her chest. Winded, she struggled to breath. The car jolted again, rolling onto it’s side.

Everything slowed. Glass shattered in slow motion. Her body tumbled, trapped in a kaleidoscope of motion and pain. Finally it stopped. Ears ringing, she fumbled for the catch. She had to get out before he made good his threat. Or was it a promise?

Pulling herself from the smoking wreck, she staggered towards the gates. Someone had to be there.

Footsteps behind her grew closer. She could hear his voice, calling her, telling her not to be stupid. But she kept going.

As she reached them the gate opened. She fell through, clasping at the gown of the person standing there and looked up. She didn’t need to say the word. The person closed the gate, keeping him on the outside and her safe within the walls. He’d never get to her again. She was free.

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