New crochet project

Temperature Snake.

It’s the time of year where most people’s minds turn to what they’ll do in the following year. Sometimes us crocheters attempt a temperature blanket. One row in a colour dependant on how hot or cold it is. Tried that. Failed. By June it was massive!

Cos let’s face it, thats a 365 row blanket or 366 so it will be massive. And each day can take forever depending which stitch you use, and if you fall behind you’re forever playing catch up.

So next year it’ll be a snake. I’ve made the head already, and the body will be moss or linen stitch. I shall be stuffing as I go along. He’ll still be huge, but hey, a draught excluder by the end of the year has to be a good thing. He’s already been named by C as Nagini. And best of all it’s only 36 stiches per row, and half of those will be chain stitches. So five minutes tops.

I’ll be using my favourite 3.5mm hook. It’s yellow and has a really nice handle. I would show you but it’s currently in my other WIP which is a Secret Path shawl. I’ll also be using Stylecraft Special DK wool in mocha, black, violet, lobelia, cloud blue, spring green, citron, spice and lipstick. Hoping not to need the black (below -6C at all. Or much lipstick which is over 32C. But knowing this stupid English weather, anything is possible.

I will post updates periodically.

Now I must go back to my other WIP. No, not the shawl lol. Maelstrom 3: Equinox Rising. But I will post about the shawl when I’ve done a little more. Perhaps after the first colour change.

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