Before I wake. Say a Prayer#3

Release day for Before I Wake. Here's the BOOK TRAILER.   With trouble on the streets, DS Zander Ellery is under even more pressure to solve the case of the Prayer Slayer. His partner DC Isabel York is convinced she is being targeted, as all the postcards the Slayer sends are addressed only to her. … Continue reading Before I wake. Say a Prayer#3

The Slayer Postcards – Book Two

The Slayer hasn't stopped killing. And he's still sending postcards to Isabel. But DI Holmes has set up a tip line and the Slayer decides to call it... Jason came across the room. “Ummm, I don’t want to interrupt,” he began. Isabel dumped the coffee cup on Zander’s desk. “You’re not. What’s up?” “There was … Continue reading The Slayer Postcards – Book Two

Meet the Character – DC Isabel York

Last week we met Zander. This week it's Isabel's turn to be interog...umm interviewed.   Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself Isabel York. I’m a police officer. This is my first assignment as a detective.   Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there? I live in … Continue reading Meet the Character – DC Isabel York

Soul To Keep. Say a Prayer book 2

Release day for book 2 has arrived. The streets are no longer safe. Isabel is getting stressed. So is Zander. Can they make any headway in this case at all? Here is the BOOK TRAILER   Blurb: As the body count increases and more paintings are recovered, DC Zander Ellery and his partner DC Isabel York … Continue reading Soul To Keep. Say a Prayer book 2

The Slayer Postcards book one

If you're reading Down to Sleep, then you'll know about the Slayer Postcards. For those that haven't, the murderer sends Isabel a cryptic postcard a day or so before each death--giving the location of the crime scene. Unfortunately Headley Cross has lots of parks and green spaces. Isabel, understandably isn't impressed by this. Isabel hadn’t … Continue reading The Slayer Postcards book one

Meet the character. Interview with DC Zander Ellery

Today I thought we'd meet one of the main characters from the Say a Prayer series. DC Zander Ellery. For those not familiar with UK police titles, that stands for Detective Constable. (DS - detective sergeant, DI - detective inspector and so on) First off, thank you for stopping by this morning. Tell us your … Continue reading Meet the character. Interview with DC Zander Ellery

Down To Sleep. Say a Prayer #1

Release day is finally here. It's been about 3 years since I first got given the idea for this series (points to her excellent editor Lisa McCaskill who dropped 4 book titles on me and told me to run with it. So I did. Least it wasn't scissors....). Once I'd got the basic idea, Hubby … Continue reading Down To Sleep. Say a Prayer #1

Tune Litter

Today I finally did something I'd intended to do when I first wrote this back in 2014. Turned it into a very small kids book. Blurb: On his way home from school, Peter finds letters who have been thrown away. They are singing a sad song. What do they need to make them happy? The … Continue reading Tune Litter

Very much a work in progress

I'd hoped to have done a lot more here, but I got caught up in writing Dark Streets Shineth - a Christmas Isabel/Zander story, which got submitted this morning. I've also proofed the audio files for Down To Sleep. But mainly I'm hopelessly stuck as to how to organise pages and add links and so … Continue reading Very much a work in progress

All Change and new books.

Well this is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. And you'll be pleased to know that one thing hasn't changed. I meant to close one tab and closed them all and lost the entire post. Maybe I really should write them in a word doc and just copy and paste them … Continue reading All Change and new books.