Meet the Character – DC Isabel York


Last week we met Zander. This week it’s Isabel’s turn to be interog…umm interviewed.


Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself

Isabel York. I’m a police officer. This is my first assignment as a detective.


Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there?

I live in Headley Cross. It’s a long story, but I needed a home and this is where I ended up. I recently transferred nicks and got partnered with Zander.


What is a quirk of your personality that people don’t know?

I hate heights. And I love country music.


What obstacles did you overcome in order to reach the end of the case? (yes I rephrased the question after Zander complained.)

Flat shoes are a must. And the ability to ignore Zander when needed. A strong stomach for the post mortems. And courage. I had to learn to stand up for myself.


Tell us about your partner.

I’m single. Oh, you mean work partner. His name is Zander. He’s been a detective waaayyyy longer than I have. This is my first case. He’s kind of cute (don’t tell him that) and looks like a pirate. Again, don’t tell him that. He’s also very OCD about a tidy desk!


The first time you saw your partner, what did you think?

What the heck am I doing here?

And like last week, here are a few teaser quotes from Soul to Keep.

  1. “Brit took me home and never came back. Whichever way we look at this, Zander, I was probably the last person to see her alive.” Isabel York.


  1. “No. I heard a jerk yelling at a woman for being female. A bully who thinks just because he has a higher rank and more shiny ribbons than anyone else, he can do and say whatever he likes. Fact is, we are a team. If they want you off this case, then we are off this case. We will take another one.” Zander Ellery


  1. “And not sure what we’re counting, but seven, don’t annoy this one because she has a very protective partner who has her back.” Zander Ellery

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