Before I wake. Say a Prayer#3

Release day for Before I Wake. Here’s the BOOK TRAILER.



With trouble on the streets, DS Zander Ellery is under even more pressure to solve the case of the Prayer Slayer. His partner DC Isabel York is convinced she is being targeted, as all the postcards the Slayer sends are addressed only to her.

With Zander and Isabel pulled in different directions, the body count escalates, until they finally explode in a direction no one could foresee—Something that will test everyone to the limits of their experience and faith.


Horror skewered Isabel to the chair. It hadn’t even been a week. “What’s the eighth commandment painting?”

Zander pulled out the file with the postcards. “It’s called Abduction. It depicts a child being stolen or kidnapped.”

“Guess that fits in with thou shalt not steal.” She shoved the card into an evidence bag.

“So we cross list all those on the list with people with a record or on the registry.” DI Holmes turned. “Harry?”

“On it, boss.”

Zander frowned. “Are we missing something vital here?”

Isabel pulled over her pink notepaper. “So far we have this. All the girls have long dark hair, all are Christians or have attended St Crispin’s church. They all wear necklaces that they never take off. They are all down to attend New Wine week two and went to Keswick three years ago.” She silently added a ‘like me’ to every single statement. “By the way, I’m not going to New Wine this year. I rang on Saturday and cancelled. I’ve lost the money I paid, but never mind. So Guv, if you could cancel my leave for that week, I’d be much obliged.”

“Why?” Zander asked.

“Don’t want to go,” she muttered. She tapped the paper, not wanting a song and dance over her decision. “They all had a break-in between January and March, but nothing was taken. Zander and I spoke to about half the girls shortly before they died.”

DI Holmes looked at her. “You said earlier that you felt targeted. Why?”

“The Slayer is sending the postcards to me—this one via the art gallery. As if he knew I’d be there this morning. He killed Gran and Mr. T—”

“You don’t know that for sure,” Zander interrupted.

Isabel shot him a withering glare. “They were killed with poison hemlock. Unless that is now the weapon of choice for every Tom, Dick, or Harry in town, and we have several people running around Headley Cross using it, then yes, the Slayer killed them.”

Harry grinned. “Hey, does that mean I’m on the suspect list as well as Zander?”

DI Holmes shook his head.

Isabel looked back at the card. “Even if he’s not doing it intentionally, it’s personal now.”

The phone rang and Zander grabbed it. “DS Ellery.” He paused. “We’ll be right there.” He hung up. “Two kids found a body by the river.”

Isabel pulled out her phone and took a photo of the postcard.

“Is, let’s go. Now.”


Before I wake – tagline The darkest hour is just before dawn – isn’t it?


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  1. Oh, good for you Clare, congratulations. Proof that good things do happen, even in the midst of you-know-what.

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