The Slayer postcards book 4

The Slayer sends his last two postcards to Isabel. Only one is cryptically labeled I.C.1


When we were kids we always said that the 11th commandment was Thou shalt not get caught. Isabel, obviously heard the same thing and even adds a 12th commandment at some point when she takes exception to the nasty biscuits Zander buys for work.

These become known as Isabel’s Commandments 1 and 2, but only amongst the squad members. How did the Slayer know this?

Nope, not telling. Spoilers 😛

But you can have another short extract:

“Go back to the duct tape,” Isabel interrupted him. “Is it possible the evidence got contaminated somehow?”

“It’s not likely.” Arend sounded insulted.

“But is it possible?”

“Yeah, it’s possible. But only a few people handle the finished reports and the testing is done by one lab.”

“Who gets the results? Other than you,” she persisted.

“You, DI Holmes and Chief Superintendent Clydesdale.”

Isabel exchanged a long glance with DS Painter. Then she turned back to the window. “I have a massive favour to ask.”

“Go on. So long as it’s not illegal I’ll consider it.”

“Just give me a copy this time. No one else.”

DS Painter hissed. “Oh, the Guv won’t like that at all. You’re not even meant to be working this case. You’re here with me as a courtesy.”

“Too bad. You know my theory and until I prove otherwise, I don’t want him seeing any reports until I’ve seen them first.”

“Three words. Your head, platter.”

She rolled her eyes. “Thanks for the support, partner. So, Arend, can you do that? One paper copy you hand deliver only to me. Make sure the others can’t be accessed by anyone else. Shove them on a secure server in a password protected file.”

Arend frowned but nodded. “OK.”

“One other thing,” she began.

Arend held up a hand. “Let me guess. You want me to go over all the previous nine cases. Retest everything myself.”

“You read my mind. Again, I’m the only one to see the report.”

“You mind telling me what I’m looking for?”

Isabel shook her head. “I can’t. Someone has already died because they knew too much, and I don’t mean the ten women, either.”

Arend frowned. “You have a name for this person?”

She shrugged. “All I know is he died in HMP Headley Cross yesterday. Murdered.”

“Ah, yes. He came in yesterday. You want the results for that one as well?”

“Please.” She looked back at her notes. “So where were we?”

Arend carried on working. “The back of her neck is bruised. It looks like the killer tugged the necklace off rather violently. The chain cut into her. She also has ligature marks under the duct tape. He was angry this time.”

Isabel shivered. “He’s escalating. This isn’t over.”

DS Painter frowned. “Maybe. But she’s victim ten and there are only Ten Commandments.”

“I know.” Isabel held her ground. “We need to find out how she broke this one and what the killer is working towards. I have a feeling he’s making a statement with these ten, and his final act is still to come.”

And that is the last of the Say a prayer blog posts. However, I thought I might go through all the books chronologically. With character interviews as well. That should keep me busy for the next…. year. I will be catagorising them as I do them- Christmas, stand alone, series etc.

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