Thursday’s Child

Forgot what day of the week it was for a moment. Either lockdown brain or a senior moment. Or a blonde moment. Any will do 😉 So, on to Thursday's Child. Again lots of action and daring rescues and a firefighter for a hero. His name is easy. Jared. The heroine is Niamh. That's Neeve, … Continue reading Thursday’s Child

Wednesday’s Child

The day's of the week series continues with Wednesday and Liam's story. Liam is one of three (his twin Niamh is Thursday's Child, and his older brother Patrick is Friday's Child.) Liam is an English teacher and is tired of being teased about that, so I wouldn't try it. Wednesday's Child grieves for his soul... … Continue reading Wednesday’s Child

Tuesday’s Child

Since it's Tuesday... here's a little about Tuesday's Child before we jump into blurbs and extracts. Adeline was a challenge from the get go as she's deaf. Which means she won't hear thunder or rain, or people walking up behind her... or serial killers for that matter. But she does have a cute dog and … Continue reading Tuesday’s Child

Monday’s Child.

This week, you'll get one blog a day as I work my way through Monday's Child - the series. First a little series background. Monday’s Child must hide for protection, Tuesday’s Child tenders direction Wednesday’s Child grieves for his soul Thursday’s Child chases the whole Friday's Child is a man obsessed Saturday’s Child might be … Continue reading Monday’s Child.

Season for Miracles

This is the book that started it all. Contracted back in April 2010 and published in November the same year. Yes, this year marks 10 years as a published author. A Killer lurks in Headley Cross… …And Holly Carmichael is the only woman to survive his attack. Now she lives in fear, searching for normalcy … Continue reading Season for Miracles

The Slayer postcards book 4

The Slayer sends his last two postcards to Isabel. Only one is cryptically labeled I.C.1   When we were kids we always said that the 11th commandment was Thou shalt not get caught. Isabel, obviously heard the same thing and even adds a 12th commandment at some point when she takes exception to the nasty … Continue reading The Slayer postcards book 4

Meet the…. author

Wait, what? It's meet the character day and there are plenty more ppl I could interview. What do you mean I have to interview myself? Is it true that being a published author is makes you rich?  Pfffft. Nope. I don’t make a fortune. I don’t even make enough to pay the bills, fortunately hubby … Continue reading Meet the…. author

Soul To Take. Say a prayer book 4

  You can check out the BOOK TRAILER here   Blurb: Just when things couldn’t get much worse, they suddenly do. With DS Zander Ellery in jail, his partner DC Isabel York fights to clear his name. Not an easy task when she is suspended from duty and the evidence against him is compelling. Finally, … Continue reading Soul To Take. Say a prayer book 4

Keeping Each Book Straight

Someone asked me once, as I've written more than 60 books now, how do I keep the characters straight? How do I know who's who? What all their names are? Who's related to who and so on. Well. It used to be a card system. Each book has it's own index card, with cast photos … Continue reading Keeping Each Book Straight

The Slayer Postcards ~ Book Three

The postcards are still coming. Book three contains postcards seven, eight and nine. Here's another extract for you: Forty-five minutes later they arrived back at the nick, with a well overdue lunch. Isabel played with the items on her desk top while she ate. It wasn’t as untidy as it sometimes was, but she needed … Continue reading The Slayer Postcards ~ Book Three