Saturday’s Child

Naming the character joke continued with this book. After all, we have Liam Page the English teacher so why not Aaron Field the farmer.

That’s where the jokes end as this is probably the darkest book I’ve ever written or am likely to write. Like I said in an earlier blog post, I started this one on the basis of an already sold proposal. Then during the writing, stuff happened. More and more stuff happened. And I begged, literally, to be allowed to stop writing. But the answer came back no. So I carried on. Writing in the daylight, with hymns blaring loudly.

Because when I say this book contains demonic battles, it literally does.


Saturday’s Child might be possessed…

Aaron Field is a farmer. He’s sworn off parties and bonfires, and being more concerned with losing his farm than anything else, he has little time for church. When his field is hired by the church for a Guy Fawkes night bonfire, Aaron is ill prepared for the feisty Welsh woman who steps onto his land and into his heart.

Meaghan Knight is a farmer’s daughter. It’s her job to make sure the church’s bonfire party runs smoothly, and if that means ironing out the kinks in surly Farmer Field then that’s what she’ll do. When she finds out what’s really behind his attitude, she feels ill prepared to face his history, his family, and the danger.

As Aaron and Meaghan join forces, they discover an evil so demonic it threatens not only the farm, but their lives, as well. Meaghan knows God can prevail, but first she has to convince Aaron not to give up.


extract 1

Slamming the tractor back into gear, Aaron chugged across the field, keeping the furrow straight. He prided himself on his work. The farm was his life. He hadn’t time for anything else and hadn’t had a day off since the funeral three years ago.

Actually the farm was his whole life. And now it was ending. He had no idea what to do with his life when it changed. Nothing he, Isaac or Leah could do about it. Not that his brother or sister had any interest in what went on here anymore. They’d moved out after Dad died, got a flat in town together, and didn’t look back.

Fifty minutes later, he finished another furrow, and turned to start again. He paused, his attention caught by a figure standing at the gate. Black hair pulled into twin plaits lying across her shoulders, green jacket over black jeans and green Wellington boots. It could only be one person.

Guiding the tractor to a stop, Aaron turned off the engine and jumped down. He wiped his hands on his brown corduroy pants and walked over to her. “Miss Knight?”

“That’s right. Are you Mr. Field?” A broad smile lit up a pair of sparking brown eyes. Her cool hand shook his warm clammy one. Her voice was even more delicious in real life and she was nothing like what he’d pictured. She was cute.

He didn’t have time for cute.


Extract 2

Meggie smiled as he shut the door. The sun was almost completely set, so she flicked on the headlights as she started the engine, and waved as she pulled away.

Lord, that house resonates pure evil. I don’t want to believe it’s either of them, but there is something there, and Aaron seems impervious to it. Protect him. The kids would enjoy the farm I know, but now I wonder, would bringing them here be a good idea? What should I do?

The radio played as she drove down the road in the deepening gloom. The signal crackled and faded a few times. Sighing, she shoved in a CD instead. Hymns filled the car, and she hummed along, drumming her fingers on the steering wheel as she traveled the dark country lanes. The only light came from the beams of the headlights.

As she rounded a curve, eyes glared at her from the center of the road. Her heart pounded hard. Her breath caught. She slammed her foot on the brakes. The car stalled, and she gripped the steering wheel tightly, her breath now coming in gasps. A fox looked unblinking at her, its yellow-green eyes reflecting the light back at her for a moment, before it dashed off into the field.

Meggie closed her eyes, trying to get her shattered nerves under control. “Just a fox,” she told herself. Taking a deep breath, she restarted the engine. Cold shivered through her, and she turned up the heat and checked the rear view mirror as she released the handbrake.

Two slanted red eyes glowered at her from the back seat. Claws reached for her. Meggie screamed, her foot pushing the accelerator to the floor as a stale, dank odor filled the car. God…help me…


Extract 3

Aaron glanced across the room at the mirror. For a moment, he was sure he saw four reflections. He blinked hard and looked again. Three people—Jack, Meggie, and him. Just as there should be.

Then there was a fourth. Exactly as Meggie and Nancy had described. Red eyes, narrowed in hatred. Pointed ears, and sharp teeth. The cowl pulled around the face, the figure seemed to be pushing the glass forward, as if it were trying to break through. His insides jarred violently, and Aaron backed away, standing between the mirror and Meggie. “Jack…”

Pastor Jack stood, still pale, but color gradually returning. He handed the phone back to Meggie. “Your brother and the elders of his church are praying for us now.”

The front door opened and slammed shut. Footsteps in the hall seemed to grow closer and the door to the hallway flung open. But there was no physical presence standing there.

“Get out!” A deep voice reverberated through the kitchen, shaking the glass in the dresser and making the lamp shade swing from side to side.

Meggie screamed in terror.

Aaron grabbed her, holding her tightly, his own heart pounding violently as brutal fear gripped him.

Meggie tugged on Aaron’s arm. “We should get out of here,” she cried.

“Stand firm.” Pastor Jack’s voice, deep, resolute and full of authority, filled the room.


And a bonus. Extract 4

Pastor Jack smiled. “Ephesians six verse thirteen. Put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

“Stand? Standing doesn’t sound very victorious or impressive come to that.”

“Oh, but it is. After a battle, Aaron, how do you know who the victors are? The dead and defeated are lying on the ground and the victors are…”

Aaron looked at him. “Standing,” he whispered.

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And I wrote a song for this one too 🙂 It’s a short kids chorus type song that kind of goes to the tune of will your anchor hold.

Put your armour on if you want to fight
as the foe draws near in the darkening night…
Wrap the belt of truth tight around your waist
Tie the breastplate of righteousness in its place.
Shoes on our feet are the gospel of peace
His shield of faith will put out the flames
Wearing helmet of salvation, and sword in my hand
With prayer and God’s equipment ’gainst the foe I’ll stand.

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