We interrupt the book posts…


So I had the Sunday’s Child post all ready to go. It still is, and it should have gone up yesterday, but somehow after the weekend it doesn’t seem right.

Reading today is a town in mourning following Saturday’s terrorist attack. My hometown. Where I trained, qualified, met, married, had kids, still live. We had our wedding photos taken in the Forbury Gardens. Hubby proposed (well gave me the ring) in the Abbey Ruins which are just under an arch bridge in the Gardens. (He actually proposed in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, but that’s another story. But yes, it did involve one knee and a rose between his teeth…)

Reading is a largeish town (roughly the size of Camp Bastion), known for beer (Courage), biscuits (Huntley and Palmers), Sutton’s seeds (no relation that I know of), and football–oh and a music festival. We have a large multicultural population and everyone gets on with everyone. Well most of the time.

There is a little or a lot about the town’s history HERE.

Pastor James Muldoon spoke about the attack a little yesterday morning and our response to it, in our online service. All our services have been online since lockdown started.

So it doesn’t seem right to do book posts right now. so you will get Sunday’s Child, but not today.

But however sad, angry, confused we as a town are feeling right now, we need to remember that God is right here with us. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.



One thought on “We interrupt the book posts…

  1. This is a time for Christian light to be a beacon to the downcast and those reeling with hopelessness. I’ve had terror in my city and in the school I taught in before retirement. Hope can run low at these times and, as believers, the reason for the hope within us can shine as brightly as the noonday sun. I’m not talking balls of laughter, but real hope Cheers

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