Amid The Cold of Winter

It’s Christmas and DS Zander Ellery is buried in work. He’s tried hard to put the events of Jack’s House, an undercover operation, behind him, yet his thoughts keep returning to Kate. She promised to keep in touch, and she hasn’t.

Kate Dahlbeck left town after the events of Jack’s House. With her past exposed, no home and no job, she fled to her brother to work for him. Now she’s up to her neck in trouble, on the run and can only think of one person to help. Zander with a zed.

Zander and his partner, DC Isabel York, agree to help. It doesn’t take much investigating before Zander understands that Kate’s situation is far worse, far messier, and far more dangerous than he first realised.


Loud voices drew her attention to two men halfway down the nave. One was Rvd.Reverend Scott. She recognised the profile of the second man along with his voice but couldn’t for the life of her think of his name now. As she drew closer, the second man raised his arm, bringing it down hard and fast, and RvdReverend. Scott dropped to the ground.

The man stood over him and raised the iron bar again.

Kate muffled her scream, hoping no one heard. She hid behind one of the pillars and grabbed her phone from her bag. She dialled 999. 

“Operator, which service do you require?”

“Police,” Kate whispered. “Rvd.Reverend Scott’s been attacked.”

An explosion rocked the tiled floor beneath her feet. 

Flames surged upwards towards the roof. Smoke and debris rushed towards her.

Another explosion sent her to the floor in a heap. Agonizing pain ripped into her shoulder. The phone fell from her hand, the operator’s voice still coming from it. Somehow Kate ended the call,The call dropped, and Kate lay biting her lip to remain silent and motionless. She had to play dead, for a few minutes.

Footsteps echoed on the tiles heading in her direction towards the exit. 

“Leave her!” Another voice called and the footsteps clatteredpadded  ran past her prone figure, the sound almost lost in the roaring of the flames. Car doors slammed, and an vehicle engine revved and squealing tires indicated a vehicle then drove away.

Heat rose as, the fire intensified. For a moment, Kate considered simply lying there and letting the flamesire end it all. She breathed in the smoke deeply, the resulting coughing fit ended that thought quickly. changing her mind. 

Somehow, Kate sat up, pain filling her. Holding her shoulder, she gingerly felt itprobed. It didn’t seemfeel broken. Her fingers came away bloodied, but part the injury wasn’t criticalof her told herself that was fine..   Her dark coat would hide any marks. She had to leave here, run. She had finally realizedworked out who the assailant was, and he knew her. He’d come looking for her once he knew she was still alive. 

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