The Slayer Postcards book one

If you’re reading Down to Sleep, then you’ll know about the Slayer Postcards. For those that haven’t, the murderer sends Isabel a cryptic postcard a day or so before each death–giving the location of the crime scene. Unfortunately Headley Cross has lots of parks and green spaces.

Isabel, understandably isn’t impressed by this.

Isabel hadn’t moved. “Why me?”

“Why you what?”

“Why is he sending them to me?”

“I’m sure it’s nothing personal,” Zander said, beginning to scroll slowly. “Jack the Ripper taunted the police by sending letters. He sent them to the papers and got them to send them on. At least we’re getting them direct.”

“They never caught Jack the Ripper.”

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So yes, the crime scenes are all based on real locations. Hubby and I spent a fun day driving around town looking for places in which to hide a body! As someone commented on facebook when I posted that, it’d only be me that would do something like that. But it’s research. How do I describe a crime scene if I’ve never been there… (Actually don’t answer that. And don’t go searching my internet history either. I’m a writer. I need to know these things. Well, within reason.)


2 thoughts on “The Slayer Postcards book one

  1. Nice post Clare. I’d drive around too if it was for research. Unfortunately right now I’m doing Oregon Trail so can’t just hop in car and go. Thank the Lord for the Internet, and for encyclopedias before it (I have been at this a LONG time).

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