Meet the character. Interview with DC Zander Ellery


Today I thought we’d meet one of the main characters from the Say a Prayer series. DC Zander Ellery. For those not familiar with UK police titles, that stands for Detective Constable. (DS – detective sergeant, DI – detective inspector and so on)

First off, thank you for stopping by this morning. Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself. Zander Ellery. I’m a career cop. Joined at 18, been here ever since. Made detective at 22.

Zander is an unusual spelling. Short for Alezander. No, I’m not Russian. Long story. Ask Dad.

Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there? I live in Headley Cross, Berkshire where I work for the Thames Valley Police. I moved here from Margate eight years ago and haven’t been home since.

What is a quirk of your personality that people don’t know? I’m good at pub quizzes.

What obstacles did you overcome in order to reach your happily-ever-after? Well, spoilers, but that doesn’t happen in this one. This is more of a can I catch the murderer before he kills people book than a romance. (glares at the author and she knows why, but spoilers, so I can’t tell you. Sorry. Also wonders why she asked such a silly question when she knows what happens in this book.)

Tell us about your partner. I assume you mean my work partner Isabel. We kind of got put together. It happens a lot in my job. Didn’t get much choice in the matter. You’d have to ask her what she thinks about that. But if you mean my private life. Well, her name’s Rosa and she teaches primary school. But just so you know, when it comes to my work partner… partners equal family. Doesn’t matter who they are, I’d die for them.

The first time you saw Isabel, what did you think? Oh come off it. I mean high heels;? You can’t chase anyone in high heels. And the woman can’t even manage stairs in them. She also can’t make tea to save her life. Or coffee. However she shows promise. Get back to me on that one. (Phone beeps and he glances at it.) Sorry, duty calls. I have to go. (Rushes out.)

Okay… bye Zander.

Anyway, here’s the cast list I promised. I always cast my books and most of the characters from them. Here’s Zander and Isabel.


Three quotes from this book are:

  1. “Isabel, unless you want this to be the shortest partnership in history, never mind the shortest CID career in the history of policing, buck up your ideas. I need to know you have my back at all times, whether you like the job or not.” Zander Ellery


  1. “It’s sin that causes this, not God. God gave us free will to choose our own path and actions, to choose what we do with our lives. But there are consequences to those actions.” Zander Ellery


  1. “You just discovered our secret identities. We are real life superheroes.” Zander Ellery.

“I’m Superbell and he’s Pinktieman on account of the fact he always wears a pink tie. But you can’t tell anyone.” Isabel York.

And I meant to put this in yesterday’s post. Here’s the link to the BOOK TRAILER for this book. The music was written for me by Luke Davies.

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