Quarantine life

So this is week six of lockdown. Or is it seven? Is it bad to admit I’ve lost count? For me not an awful lot has really changed. I work from home and rarely leave the house except to shop or go on excursions with J and C to random places. Of course now we can’t do that.

the main thing that changed is I no longer know what day if the week it is as I’m not seeing my parents, 😦 , as we’d see each other on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Coffee, tea and rummikub.

That has now been replaced by this:E4DB0C50-7016-4499-B169-5E44D10E6917

Daily face time Yahtzee.  Only we discovered that a laptop worked better so we now ft via that. It’s great fun. You really should try it. The puzzle in the background took them months to do. May only be 500 pieces but they were minute pieces, and I mean tiny.

Church is now online – streaming live on the Carey facebook page or on the Carey you tube channel. Group meetings are done by zoom – haven’t tried that yet. The one time I tried zooming anything it was a tad disastrous.

OK, time to go make some tea, get the TV onto you tube mode ready for church. And maybe get dressed. OR shall I be a rebel and go to church in pjs? Let’s face it. No one is going to know.

Stay safe.

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