Long time no blog.

Well, it’s all changed here since I last posted. And I know July was a little while ago, but seriously, nothing is in the same place. I really don’t know why sites have to mess with formatting when everything works pretty well in the first instance.

Anyway, the reason for the long absence is writing… There will be three books hitting the e-shelves on Dec 1st, but more about them next time.

I’ve been busy plotting and writing books 1 and 2 of a new epic series. This one is sci-fi and something I’ve been playing with for years.

The cast list is huge. In book one alone there are 12/13 main characters. Book two has 4/6. Books three and four will have the 9 of the cast from part one with 4 of the cast from part two. And the dog. And who knows who else might suddenly turn up if the end of book two is anything to go by. That by the way wasn’t planned. It just happened.

So far that’s 92 chapters, 547 pages and 148,000 words.

Sneak peek at the new books. More info next time.

Ok. I am now through with technology. Going to go and play with a ball of wool and a hook.

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