Two new book contracts



Yesterday I signed a contract for Two new books. Both Christmas ones and both with Pelican Book Group. They will be out in December as part of the extravaganza. Christmastime in London Town, part of the passport to romance line, should also be out later in the year.

The photo is my desk… yes, I have a Christmas shelf on my desk. It’s really the printer shelf, but the Christmas stuff got there first. I also have lights around my monitor… But that isn’t why we’re here… Onto the new stuff 🙂

Dark Streets Shineth.

(yes, this is a Zander and Isabel story)


Boaz Matthias isn’t a Christmas person. He never has been. Not since he discovered the truth when he was seven. Christmas is a lie and a con and nothing is ever going to change his mind. The only good thing about his temporary six week assignment will be seeing more of someone he’s starting to grow very fond of.
DC Isabel York loves Christmas. So much so that she decorates her desk with lights, tinsel, and a novelty advent calendar. When her boss is called away, his replacement is the last person she’s expecting to see—her fledgling boyfriend who is four ranks above her.
Caught up in a murder inquiry, Isabel is nevertheless determined to show Boaz the joy of Christmas. The problem is work and pleasure don’t mix—at least not according to him.

tagline: You’d better watch out. You’d better not cry. Santa Claus is going to die.

Virtually Yours At Christmas.

While working from home, accountant Carlyle Stevenson is told by his boss to contact a client ASAP by video call, and berate her for not filing her accounts for the last several months—long before social distancing began. Since the request is urgent, Carlyle fires off the email, and sits and waits for her to answer. Only thing is he’s sent the invite to the wrong person.
Being stuck at home is nothing new for candle maker Kristen Lawson, as she usually works out of her garage or kitchen. She’s in the middle of making a new batch of candles for her online business, when she receives the email marked urgent. Even though it’s not her accountancy firms she clicks the link and begins the call.
What begins as an honest mistake blossoms into something more, but can a socially distanced relationship ever really get off the ground?

Tagline: It Started With A Typo

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